“So I Could…” | Skye Monroe

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Name: Skye Monroe Course: Fashion Industry Essentials 

Instagram: @skye.monroe

I enrolled in Fashion Industry Essentials so I could…

I enrolled in this program so I could gain a better understanding of the fashion industry and the day-to-day process of getting an idea turned into a product.

Where are you working now?

I am currently Self-Employed.

Has your experience in Fashion Industry Essentials impacted your career at all yet, and if so, how?

Yes, I will be attending Parsons School of Design in Fall 2021.

Why did you think the course was right for you when you enrolled?

The course taught me the steps to advance towards a career in the fashion industry.

How did the course prepare you for working in the fashion industry?

It taught me all about fashion verbiage, skills, mock-ups, and portfolio content.

How did the partnership with Parsons for Fashion Industry Essentials affect your choice to take the program?

After taking the Fashion Industry Essentials course, I committed to attending Parsons in the Fall.

What assignment, course, and/or instructor sticks out in your mind or taught you something valuable?

Production Cost course shed light on the business aspect of the fashion industry

What would you say to a friend about Fashion Industry Essentials?

I really enjoyed the program and would recommend it if you are looking into Parsons.

This 100% online program provides an exciting overview of the fashion industry, with more than 70 on-demand course videos taught by Parsons faculty, as well as leading fashion industry experts and brands.

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