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Exclusive Conversation: Banyan Talk with Anya Ayoung-Chee


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The Fashion Industry holds a wealth of talented designers. If a career in this industry is something you are passionate about, it is important to know the journey. Being able to lock down a designer for a conversation isn’t an easy task but we managed to get it done. Fashion Designer and Social Entrepreneur, Anya Young-Chee is willing to lend her expertise. From winning Project Runway to starting her own fashion line, Anya can offer some solid industry tips. She is slated to moderate the BANYAN Webinar series LIVE talks powered by Yellowbrick. The Banyan series was created to showcase women entrepreneurs across a variety of different industries. While Fashion is Anya’s area of expertise, she lends her knowledge and shares her stories with women in the Streetwear, Sneaker Design, Music, Hospitality, Beauty and Sports Management industries. These conversations are meant to serve as inspiration and motivation for other women who are looking to do the same thing. BANYAN is a platform created to inspire women, with a focus on Caribbean creatives, to pursue their dreams and turn their passion into a career. Finding your “WHY” is important and hopefully these conversations will help you do that. Design Director Cherese Thornhill (adidas) and lifestyle brand Founder Fe Noel were the first 2 in the series. Next up is Nikitha Cornwall (June 11th @ 2:30pm) and Fallon Seymour (June 18th @ 2:30pm). If you missed the first 2 episodes or want to sign up for upcoming episodes, leave your email in the box above.
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