Kenecia Lashae Discusses Why She Chose Beauty Industry Essentials | #SoICould

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Name: Kenecia Lashae Course: Beauty Industry Essentials Instagram: @passport2pretty I enrolled in Beauty Industry Essentials so I could... I enrolled in this program so I could gain a better understanding of the fashion industry and the day-to-day process of getting an idea turned into a product. Where are you working now? I am working on creating a conscious body care line. Has your experience in Beauty Industry Essentials impacted your career at all yet, and if so, how? Beauty Industry Essentials has not yet affected my career but I’m sure in time it will have a positive effect. Why did you think the course was right for you when you enrolled? I thought the course was right for me because I took two years off from the industry and wanted to polish up with the course. How did the course prepare you for working in the beauty industry? The course was a refresher for me in many ways. I think it will show potential clients my dedication to continued education. How did the partnership with Allure for Beauty Industry Essentials affect your choice to take the program? The partnership with Allure was a major appeal to me because they are a staple in all things beauty. What assignment, course, and/or instructor sticks out in your mind or taught you something valuable? The course that stuck out to me the most was beauty writing is hard, because it is. I like the instructors’ analogy of writing 500 words on mascara versus a crisis overseas. What is your biggest takeaway from this program? That I was actually very interested in the branding side of the course and could see myself exploring an additional service. What would you say to a friend about Beauty Industry Essentials? I would tell a friend that Beauty Industry Essentials is a great refresher course that can help you explore different avenues of the beauty industry.



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