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Film Media and Entertainment Press

Film and TV Industry Essentials expert, Eugene Hernandez, speaks with Yellowbrick about the role film media and the film festival circuit.

Exploring Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of WAZE

Yellowbrick industry expert, Recep Karaburun, provides insight into entrepreneurship in hospitality with a case study of GPS app, WAZE.

Behind Retail: Buying and Merchandising

Merchandising and buying in the fashion world has long been misunderstood. While the roles have always intertwined, they are completely different careers paths in the industry.

8 Sports Management Jobs If You’re Just Getting Started

Sports management career options for students, new graduates, or those seeking experience

Sustainability and Brand Building

Meeta Roy, Fashion Industry Essentials contributor, explains the importance of starting out with sustainability in mind.

Telling the Brand Story: The Changing Role of Fashion Media

There has been an openness to exploring fashion beyond gender or any other limitations that have held the industry back. Fashion Business Essentials contributor Laura Lanteri talks about the evolving mindset of fashion media in recent years.

Sourcing Materials: Sourcing, Pricing, and Sustainability

Yellowbrick expert, Jasmine S. Young, discusses the dynamics between sourcing materials and sustainability.

An Introduction to Branding

Delve into the principles of fashion branding.

How to Become a Copywriter

A copywriter is a professional writer that works across many industries. Their standard responsibilities include writing the text — also known as copy —used in marketing advertising, and promotional materials.

How to Become an Acquisitions Manager

Acquisitions Managers identify and procure literary content for publishing houses.

How to Become a Literary Agent

Literary agents work on behalf of authors to secure publishing deals.

Fashion Spotlight: Brandon Maxwell

The celebrity fashion director who has pushed Met Gala’s limits

How to Become a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists treat clients using their hands to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissue.

Creating a Loyal Fan Base in the Music Industry

Recording artist, JD Samson, talks to Yellowbrick about audience building and connecting with your fan base.

How to Get Discovered in the Music Industry

Yellowbrick expert, Corey Roberts, talks about getting discovered as an artist in the music industry and acts he's signed.

How to Become a Digital Sales Director

A digital sales director researches sales leads and strategizes to convert leads to viewers.

How to Become a Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators create engaging social content for shows they are assigned to.

How to Become a TV Distribution Executive

TV Distribution Executives negotiate agreements and manage relationships with distribution partners.

How to Become a Digital Distribution Strategist

Digital distribution strategists identify and execute on off-channel marketing opportunities.

How to Become a Post Supervisor

Post supervisors create and maintain schedules during all phases of post-production.

Growth Hacking and the Music Industry

Marc Plotkin, professor at NYU's Clive Davis Institute, discusses examples of growth hacking within the music industry.

Using Digital Platforms to Make Money in the Music Industry

Yellowbrick expert Jeff Rabhan explains how artists can navigate and utilize digital platforms to generate income.

Jeff Rabhan’s Career in Music

For 20 plus years, Jeff Rabhan has worked in virtually all areas of the music industry.

How NFTs are Impacting the Music Industry

In the music industry, NFTs are disrupting the status quo. Musicians use them to communicate directly with their fanbase and diversify their distribution channels.

Fashion as a Reflection of the Times: The Working Woman

Pants in womenswear have a complicated history. Before the 20th century, most western societies believed that pants weren't ladylike.

Telling the Brand Story: Communicating with the Fashion Media

Learn how to evangelize your brand's story through communicating with fashion media

Greenwashing 101: Identifying Ethical Fashion

What is greenwashing? Learn how to identify if a fashion brand is sustainable and make smarter marketing choices.

How to Become a Hairstylist

A hairstylist is tasked with creating character hairstyles by styling and maintaining actors’ hair on set during filming.

Making Coachella: Festival Production Jobs You Should Consider

Music careers in festivals and touring

Sustainability and Transparency in Fashion

Find all of the latest news and information you need in the fashion industry and sustainability in the industry.

Talking Social Media with Drew Elovitz

Yellowbrick talks to social media and content expert, Drew Elovitz, about managing social media for one of the most read magazines in print.

How to Become a TV Staff Writer

A TV staff writer is an entry-level career in writing rooms for television productions.

How to Become a Special & Visual Effects Artist

Special & visual effects artists (also known as a VFX artist) use computer technology and software to create optical effects and animations for television shows.

How Music and Media is Becoming More Immersive

Modern technology enables musicians to share or a story to tell to convey across multiple music and media frequencies simultaneously.

A Brief History of Fashion Marketing

Find all of the latest news and information you need in the fashion industry, including the latest on fashion marketing.

Understanding Consumer Personas

Find all of the latest news and information you need in fashion marketing and consumer personas, and related courses to grow your career.

An Introduction to Fashion Marketing and Social Media

Social media is a fantastic, cost-effective way to gain brand visibility. See how you can unlock your social media strategy.

Making Coachella: Technical Jobs for Music Lovers

Careers in music that are behind the scenes at Coachella.

Music Industry 101 for Independent Artists

There are aspects of the music industry that emerging artists need to learn to succeed in the music industry.

Kareem “Biggs” Burke on Artist Management

Kareem "Biggs" Burke his career in the music industry and being one of the original founders of Roc-A-Fella Records.

How to Become a Storyboard Artist

A storyboard is a series of sketches of a film. Storyboard Artists create these visual representations based on script pages and sequences.

Building a Visual Identity for Your Brand

A visual identity is an essential part of defining your brand. Read how to create a simple, consistent identity that reflects your brand.

How to Become a Foley Artist

A foley artist enhances sound quality in post-production.

How to Become a Key Grip

Grips are technicians who construct and maintain the upkeep of all the equipment that supports and holds cameras during a production.

How Artists and Brands Make Deals

Branding and marketing deals between music artists and brands was once distasteful. Now, it is an industry standard and a significant revenue stream for many artists.

How to Become a Voice-Over Artist

A voice-over artist is a performer who uses their voice in radio, television, film, and theater to entertain or narrate a written script.

How to Become a TV Makeup Artist

Makeup artists enhance actors' appearance using cosmetics.

How to Become a Title Sequence Designer

Title sequence designers conceptualize and create the opening titles, captions, and credits that appear on screen during a film.

How to Become a Colorist

A film colorist designs and edits the color palette of a film.

How to Become a Wardrobe Stylist

Wardrobe stylists work with TV costume designers to create outfits for characters for a television show.

How to Become a Props Master

Props are movable objects used in scenes. The props master is in charge of the props department and oversees all props during a production.

How to Become an TV Editor

In post-production, a TV editor removes unwanted footage and puts the remaining shots together to create a complete, finished show.

How to Become a Film Editor

Film editors take footage captured during principal photography and assemble it so that it tells a complete, cohesive story in line with the director's vision.

How to Become a Gaffer

The gaffer is the head of the electrical/lighting department.

Introducing Modern Journalism

The newest course offering from Yellowbrick, New York University, and Rolling Stone

How to Become a Showrunner

Showrunners oversee the writing and production of a television series.

How to Become a Film Producer

Film producers find and launch projects.

How to Become a Production Assistant

A production assistant, or a PA, works on a film set under the supervision of the production manager.

How to Become a Stunt Coordinator

A stunt coordinator works with the director to design action sequences, assist any department’s needs related to specific stunts, and organize a crew for performance-related action by cast members.

How to Become a Sound Designer

Sound Designers create and edit all the sound in a film.

How to Become a Lead Actor/Actress

A leading actor/actress, or star, plays the role of the protagonist in a motion picture, television, or other media production.

How to Become a Script Supervisor

Script Supervisors are responsible for maintaining script continuity during all stages of filming and production.

What Makes a Good Manager in the Music Industry

Learn the basics of what a music manager does, how you go about finding one, and why it's so important for your music career.

How to Become a Production Designer

Production designers are the leaders of the art department.

How to Become a Film Director

Film directors oversee and manage a film's creative components.

Influential Women in the Performing Arts: Ntozake Shange

For Women's History Month, we're highlighting the women who have broken ground and changed their industries

How to Become a Camera Operator

The camera operator is responsible for capturing the film's footage as instructed by the script, director, and cinematographer.

How to Become a Casting Director

Casting directors oversee workflows and operations related to the search, outreach, and securing of talent for films, television, and other visual media.

Influential Women in Streetwear: Melody Ehsani

We’re highlighting the women who have broken ground and changed their industries for Women’s History Month.

Sustainable Logos is the New High Fashion Trend

Luxury brands try to gain credibility in sustainability

How to Become a Booking Agent

A music booking agent secures and manages live performances or appearances for artists.

How to Become a Knitwear Designer

Knitwear designers create and produce clothing, accessories, and upholstery that are primarily made of yarn and wool.

The Role of the Dramaturg

A dramaturg's role combines a theatre-lover, research master, and a source of inspiration. Watch and learn more about their role here.

A Tour of Production In The Theatre Industry

Learn the difference between the performing arts production manager and a production stage manager, as well as other supporting roles.

How to Become a Fabric Researcher

Also known as textile researchers, fabric researchers study the technical aspects of fibers and fabrics.

Influential Women in Fashion: Maria Grazia Chiuri

Celebrating female designers who have broken ground and changed the industry

Finding Your Performing Arts Career in Musical Theater

Any career in musical theater will require hard work and dedication. Elizabeth Bradley shares the different types of training you need.

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create original clothing, accessories, and footwear.

The Role of the Broadway Producer

Jeffrey Richards, Performing Arts Industry Essentials contributor walks through the role of the Broadway producer.

How to Become a Stylist

Stylists ​​work with clients to create a wardrobe built around their personal taste, body type, and fashion trends.

A Good Broadway Audition Begins in Reflection

Bret Shuford, cast member of Wicked and The Little Mermaid, teaches you how to pursue the process of auditions.

How to Become a Fashion Videographer

Fashion videographers film videos for brands and fashion media.

Tips On How To Brand Your Fashion Business Effectively

Effective fashion branding creates an experience that makes consumers choose you over your competitors. Read tips from Parsons faculty.

How To Become A Textile Designer

Textile designers create fabric patterns and prints used for personal and household goods.

How To Become A Textile Colorist

A textile colorist is responsible for mixing, developing, and creating colors and color palettes for clothing, clothing lines, and other textiles.

Industry Perspectives: Danielle Pergament on Beauty Writing for Print

Beauty Editor Danielle Pergament advises up-and-coming

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Tips for securing work in a gig economy

Skills You Need to Get a Job in Fashion Marketing

Do you want to pursue a career in fashion marketing? Take a look at the skills you will need to find success in the competitive industry.

Understanding the Fashion Industry

Breaking down the business of fashion and its key sectors

How to Become a Technical Designer

Technical designers work with designers to develop initial designs, tech packs, and garment technical specifications to determine proper fit and construction.

UX Design vs. Product Design: What’s the Difference?

What to consider when deciding which design career is right for you

How To Become A Fashion Creative Director

The Creative Director is responsible for shaping and establishing the brand's vision, from fashion shows to marketing.

How To Become A Fashion Illustrator

A Fashion Illustrator is a graphic designer that specializes in fashion. They draw clothing or accessories for designers, media outlets, or private clients.

How To Become An Accessories Designer

Accessory Designers develop, create, and produce items such as handbags, suitcases, belts, scarves, hats, hosiery, eyewear, and jewelry.

ADR Recordist

ADR (automated dialogue replacement) Recordists are engineers who are responsible for cleaning up production audio.

How to Increase Gender Equity in Sports

Gender equity in sports is ever increasing in the modern era of athletics. How can gender equality continue to be a key element in young athletes?

How To Become A Production Sound Mixer

A Production Sound Mixer is a member of a film or television crew that is responsible for recording all sound and dialogue on set during the filmmaking or television production.

An Introduction to Beauty Industry Essentials Module 7: Beauty Media

Introducing the newest Beauty Industry Essentials module: Beauty Media

Visibility and Leveling the Playing Field in Women’s Sports

Women are fighting tradition to change the future of sports. Read about how women are redefining what it means to be an athlete.

The Role of a Music Producer

The record producer plays an important role in the process for artists in the music industry. Learn how they make an impact.

How To Become A Licensing Manager

Licensing Managers help secure and amend distribution agreements with record labels, distributors, and music publishers.

Through The Lens: The Visual Dynamics of Euphoria

A look at how the hit show creates its unique aesthetic

How to Become a Live Sound Systems Engineer

Live Sound Systems Engineers install, manage upkeep, and break down the sound systems and equipment used for live performances.

The Most Influential Music Producers Who Sample

A look at the most influential producers in hip-hop and their love for sampling

Complex’s Joe La Puma On Sneaker History

Joe La Puma gives a history lesson on the evolution of footwear.

The Legacy of Virgil Abloh

Remembering the creative’s impact on streetwear

The Easiest Way To Get Started With UX Design

Tips to help kick off your career in UX design

7 Principles of Good UX Design

How to create a seamless user experience

Sneakerheads Can Stop Searching for the Perfect Shop Now

Where do sneakerheads shop? Read on to learn which stores have the most coveted sneakers.

Bookmark This: Books Written by Yellowbrick Industry Experts

Insights and advice from creatives and entrepreneurs

What City Should YOU Try To Start Your Music Career?

The best places to live and pursue your music career

How To Become a Live Sound Mix Engineer

Live Sound Mix Engineers control sound and volume during a live event.

What Is The Beauty Department Like at Allure Magazine?

What is the Beauty Department Like at Allure Magazine? We unlock the mystery of the magazine's popular department and the roles involved.

How To Become A Tour Manager

Tour Managers travel with music acts on the road and oversee all logistics of the tour.

Game Testing: The Other Side of Game Development

The different types of testing behind game development

An Overview of Streaming Platforms And Distribution For Independent Musicians

What you need to know to get your music heard

Cart Wars: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Online Store

What you need to know before selecting a hosting platform for your burgeoning business.

The Rise of the Streetwear Creative Director

A breakdown of why fashion houses hire our beloved streetwear designers — the next biggest wave for luxury fashion. 

How To Become a Technical Designer

Technical Designers tangibly visualize a streetwear brand by translating a concept or design for manufacturers.

Music Licensing Counsel

Music Licensing Counsel negotiates and drafts contractual agreements.

How To Become A Studio Owner

Studio Owners set up and organize a recording studio either by purchasing it or constructing it.

How To Become A Studio Maintenance Engineer

Studio Maintenance Engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining studio equipment.

How To Become A Studio Manager

Studio Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations at a recording studio

Brand Startup: Setting Brand Culture

How To Set Goals as a Creative

Goal setting is about positioning yourself for success. Try this approach that allows you to act today, next week, and every month.

How To Become A Studio Engineer

Studio Engineers manage the technical and aesthetic aspects of a recording session and are responsible for the overall sound of all recorded tracks.

How To Become A Sync Licensing Specialist

Sync Licensing Specialists work on behalf of musicians and rights holders to secure the placement of their music in visual media.

Top Stories in 2021: The Era of Streaming

Streaming continued to be a force in entertainment this year

Top Stories in 2021: The NFT Takeover

The latest digital craze to hit social media this year

Top 10 Music Trends of TikTok in 2021

Artists, songs, and trends that went viral this year

Sneaker Blogs Over Time

Using Your Brand to Reach Specific Consumers

What Defines a Sport?

Why Winning Isn’t Worth Sacrificing Integrity

Youth Sports Is Lucrative

The Business Model of Collegiate Sports

The Four P’s of Sports Management

The Fundamentally Essential Nature of Global Sports

The Impact of Brand Sponsorships in Sports

The Impact of Venue Design Through Global Sports

The Importance of Sports and Support Systems

The Many Ways That Sports Positively Impacts Society

The Problem With Specialization in Youth Athletes

The Psychological Benefits of Sports in Society

The Role of Parents in Sports Management

The Shift in Global Sports Consumption

The Sports Franchise/Owner Relationship

The Value of Sponsorship

Tips for Sharing a Sports Brand Story

Using Sports to Provide Opportunities

Sports Applications for New Data Collection Methods

Sports Broadcast in VR

Sports Insights: How Tech Changes the Game

Sports Licensing at its Finest

Sports Management and the Importance of Connectivity

Sports Management Education and Fantasy Sports

Sports Management Education and FC Bayern

Sports Management Looks at Fan Base Marketing

Technology and Sports

The Benefits of OTT for Smaller Sports

Origins of Sports Management in Media History

Playing Up the Social Element in Sports Management

How the Media Landscape Is Changing

How the Sports Stadium Experience is Changing

How Venues Keep People Entertained and Engaged

In Today’s World, Sports is More Than Just Sports

Interactive Sponsorship Experiences

Lessons to Be Taught in Sports Management Education

New Developments in Sports and Science Technology

How Sporting Venues Bring Communities Together

How Sports Can Give People Common Ground

How Sports Can Improve People and Create Change

How Sports Can Positively Influence Society

How Sports Captures and Holds Our Attention

How Sports Help Build Up Communities

How Sports Heros Shape Society

How Sports Stadium and Venue Contracts Work

How Sports Teams Can Utilize Social Media

How Sports Teams Market Their Brand

How Sports Teams Utilize Psychographic Information

How Sports Venues are Improving the Fan Experience

How Sports Venues Can Energize Communities

How Strong Leaders Can Shape a Healthy Culture

How Technology Is Changing Sports

How Analytics Are Changing the Way We View Sports

How Athletes and Venues Earn Revenue

How Athletes Take Risks to Impact Social Change

How Athletes Use Social Media to Speak Out

How CRM Improves Connections With Sports Fans

How Influencers Promote Brands Subtly

How Michael Jordan Changed Sports Marketing

How Naming Rights Deals for Sports Arenas Happen

How Opportunities in the Sports World Are Changing

How Social Media Has Changed Athlete Interactions

How Social Media Has Changed the Media Landscape

Breaking Down Global Sports

Building a Sports Brand

Confidence Building through Online Sports Education

Considerations of Building a Sports Venue

Creating Fan Via Societally Driven Rivalry

Different Ways That Sports Stadiums Make Money

Effective Marketing To Target and Keep Sports Fans

Ethical Challenges in Sports Management

Evolution of Athletics From Fun to Business

Global Sports Marking and Building Fan Loyalty

Global Sports: The Impact of Generational Attitudes

Helping Athletes Become Great Leaders in Other Areas

Hope Never Dies: A Global Sports Lesson

How 5G Networks Can Improve the Future of Sports

The Role of the Producer on Opening Night

The Story of August Wilson

The Story of Vedic Theater Amid Performing Arts Education

The Ultimate Goal in Performing Arts Is To Affect People

The Viewer’s Experience of Performing Arts

Tracing the History of Performing Arts to the Present Day

Understanding the Playwriting Process in the Performing Arts

Understanding the Relevance of Theater in Performing Arts

Using Performing Arts Education to Understand One Another

What Are the Benefits of Cross-Promotion in Performing Arts?

What Rights Do Playwrights Have in Performing Arts?

Why Diversity Matters in the Performing Arts

Why The Business Side of the Performing Arts is Important

Athletics Should Bring Us Together, Not Separate Us

Bandwidth Speed and Sports Data

Benefits of Kids Sports Participation

Prepare for a New Role and Succeed in the Performing Arts

Robert Galinsky Discusses Performing Arts Budget Creativity

Robert Galinsky on Communicating With Investors

Scenic Designers in the Performing Arts

Scott Illingworth Introduces Performing Arts Module 5

Should You Join a Performing Arts Union?

The Authentic African-American Experience in Theater

The Bond Between the Dancer and the Art

The Differences Between Dance Genres and Their Histories

The Director’s Approach to a Script in the Performing Arts

The Duties of a Performing Arts Musical Director

The Effect the Stage Has on Performing Arts

The Life of a Producer in the Performing Arts

The Life of a Scenic Designer in the Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Are a Vital Force for Social Change

The Role of Blocking in the Performing Arts

The Role of Professional Critics in the Performing Arts

The Role of the Arranger in the Performing Arts

Mary Ann Kellogg Talks About Flooring in Performing Arts

Never Underestimate the Influence of Props and Objects

Online Performing Arts Education and Community Educators

Online Performing Arts Education on Action Verbs

Online Performing Arts Education on Adapting Material

Online Performing Arts Education on Americanizing Theatre

Online Performing Arts Education: Analyzing the Script

Online Performing Arts Education: Getting an Agent

Online Performing Arts Education: Stage Managers

Performing Arts and the Role of the Actor

Performing Arts Can Take Place Almost Anywhere

Performing Arts Education and the Role of the Director

Performing Arts Education on the Meaning of Broadway

Performing Arts Education: What Do You Have?

Performing Arts Insights: Mandy Gonzalez & Community Theater

Performing Arts: Publicity Insights by Malini Singh McDonald

Performing Arts: Simon Hale Discusses the Sound Budget

Philip Hernandez: Music and the Actor’s Book

Playing With Narrative Structure

Financial Survival of Performing Arts

Fred Carl Discusses Tech Solutions in Performing Arts

Gianni Downs Discusses the Importance of Lighting Design

Harvey Young: A Long History of Performing Arts Citation

How Actors Can Create Work for Themselves

How Does the Bench Use Structure in the Performing Arts?

How To Approach a Script in Your Performing Arts Education

How to Blur the Lines Between Performing Arts Styles

How to Get Your Work Produced in the Performing Arts

How Unions Work in the Performing Arts Industry

Immersive Theater

Influences on the Performing Arts in 19th-Century America

Interactive Theater: Engaging and Incorporating the Audience

Keeping Your Acting Skills Sharp

Magical Actor Glue and Casting in the Performing Arts

Managing the Art Manages the Experience

Marketing Is Square One in Online Performing Arts Education

What Is a Tech Rider?

A Brief History of Theater and Performing Arts Education

A Performer’s Physical Experience in Performing Arts

A Raisin in the Sun – Learning How to Approach a Script

A Unified Performing Arts Experience by Elizabeth Bradley

About Marketing and Producing Performing Arts Theater

Actors’ Unions and What Comes With Joining One

Bringing a Script to Life

Budgeting for Theater Productions

Die Sitzprobe and the Performing Arts

Early Black Representation in the Performing Arts

Exploring the Different Genres of Theater

Orthogonal Thinking in Music Marketing

Lady Gaga’s Successful Music Debut

Managers Shaping the Music Industry

Online Music Education Course Overview

How Music Artists Earn Their Royalties

How the Music Industry Works and Evolves

Influential Artists of the 1960s

The Elements of Good Writing in Media

The Media Writing Landscape

Writing a Podcast for Media Education

Extended Reality Experiences in Music

Finding Your Personal Niche as an Artist

Growth Hacking in the Music Industry

The Stay: Luxury Shared Spaces

The Stay: The Future Is Personalization

The Stay: The Sharing Economy

Transportation: The Airline Industry

Transportation: Whatever Floats Your Boat