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How To Become a Technical Designer

Technical Designers tangibly visualize a streetwear brand by translating a concept or design for manufacturers.

Music Licensing Counsel

Music Licensing Counsel negotiates and drafts contractual agreements.

How To Become A Studio Owner

Studio Owners set up and organize a recording studio either by purchasing it or constructing it.

How To Become A Studio Maintenance Engineer

Studio Maintenance Engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining studio equipment.

How To Become A Studio Manager

Studio Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations at a recording studio

Apparel Graphic Designer

Apparel Graphic Designers create on-trend or impactful graphics that reflect the brand and drive sales for every collection, season, or drop.

How To Set Goals as a Creative

Goal setting is about positioning yourself for success. Try this approach that allows you to act today, next week, and every month.

How To Become A Studio Engineer

Studio Engineers manage the technical and aesthetic aspects of a recording session and are responsible for the overall sound of all recorded tracks.

How To Become A Sync Licensing Specialist

Sync Licensing Specialists work on behalf of musicians and rights holders to secure the placement of their music in visual media.

Top Stories in 2021: The Era of Streaming

Streaming continued to be a force in entertainment this year

Top Stories in 2021: The NFT Takeover

The latest digital craze to hit social media this year

Top 10 Music Trends of TikTok in 2021

Artists, songs, and trends that went viral this year

Top 10 Beauty Trends on TikTok in 2021

Trends and products that dominated the app this year

Top 10 TikTok Fashion Trends of 2021

Breaking down the biggest fashion trends for the year according to TikTok

Athletic Footwear Designer

Athletic Footwear Designers are responsible for creating the layouts, models, and depictions of what will eventually emerge within the sneaker market.

Top Stories in 2021: The Supply Chain Crisis

The impact of Covid-19 still affects manufacturing and production

5 Film Industry Jobs If You’re Just Getting Started

Film careers for students, new graduates, and those seeking experience

Top Stories in 2021: Twitch and WMG Join Forces

The gaming streamer and record label come together for one of the year’s most discussed deals

8 Theatre Careers in Demand Again

Popular performing arts jobs as theatre productions get back on track

A Guide to Complete #SneakerSchool in 6 Months

Finish #SneakerSchool at your own pace

A Music Publishing Breakdown for the Singer-Songwriter

How to protect your music and your pockets

Introducing Media Writing Essentials

The new online course from Yellowbrick, The New School, and Rolling Stone

How to Have a Career in eSports and Gaming Without a Degree

Jobs in eSports and gaming for recent high school graduates

Performing Arts Jobs in the Covid Era

Where to find work in the performing arts post-pandemic

A Guide to Complete #SneakerSchool in 2 Months

How to maximize your time and finish #SneakerSchool in 8 weeks

7 Hospitality Jobs If You’re Just Getting Started

Careers in the hospitality industry for students, new graduates, or those seeking experience

A New Influence: 5 Beauty Brands by Gen Z

A list of brands created by and for Generation Z

Made in America: Sneakers Manufactured Locally

A rundown of athletic sneakers made in the United States

The Most Popular Jobs In Sports Management

Sports management careers growing professionals

5 Music Jobs If You’re Just Getting Started

Careers in the music industry for students, new graduates, or those seeking experience

5 Ways to Make Ethically Responsible Fashion Choices

Shopping with a conscience

Careers in Sports Management with a Degree or Certificate

Jobs for graduates with a certificate or sports management degree

How the Film Industry was impacted by Covid-19

A look at how the pandemic shook the movie business

8 Game-Changers Addressing Problems in the Fashion Industry

Brands and people who are solving problems in the fashion industry

Navigating the Unknown of Men’s Cosmetics with Fenton Jagdeo

The co-founder of Faculty gives tips on how to navigate new business and career paths.

Success in Streetwear According to Jeff Staple

Jeff Staple shares his insight on how he defines success in streetwear.

MADE: How Jared Goldstein made a career in sneaker law

Jared Goldstein, the co-author of Sneaker Law, walks us through how he turned his sneaker passion into a career in law.

5 Careers in Music If You Love The Aux Cord

Music jobs for the music lover

MADE: How Kenneth Anand made a career in sneaker law

Kenneth Anand, former General Counsel of Yeezy and the co-author of Sneaker Law, walks us through how he turned his sneaker passion into a career in law.

Understanding the Areas of the Music Industry

A quick introduction to the music industry and the careers that run it

What if your sneaker brand gets a cease and desist?

Your sneaker design just got a cease and desist. Here’s how to handle it.

A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Music

An introduction to the controversial genre

10 Fashion Books You Need To Break Into The Industry

A list of must-reads for the self-taught fashionista

7 Fluid Beauty Brands That Don’t Care About Gender

A list of brands defying binary constraints

How you can beat perfectionism as a creative entrepreneur

Fenton Jagdeo, Beauty Business Essentials contributor, understands the highs and lows of launching a business. Read Fenton's tips on how a creative entrepreneur can follow through.

How Covid-19 Reshaped Trends in The Hospitality Industry

Examining the pandemic’s influence on hospitality, tourism, and travel

Popular eSports Jobs For Gamers of All Levels

Gaming careers for newbies and pros


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